did you forget your password? Learn ways to avoid this situation


Do you have all your intellectual power in creating a complex password so that you are safe from penetration, good, but what if you forget it?

Many users are having trouble forgetting their password, and it can be very frustrating because many e-mail accounts link to multiple electronic services.

Therefore, LifeWire technical site advises that passwords be associated with evidence in our personal and professional lives, which makes it easier for us to remember these words.

This does not mean that the password is as simple as any pirate can expect, or that it is one password for several accounts, but it is meant to be derived from events and things that have an impact on our lives.

The easiest way to remember passwords is to:

Use an innovative version of your name

Try different versions of your name, but it's not completely secure but it's very common and easy: for example, if your name is Michael P Archer, common passwords might include:





This is just an example, but you have to come up with an innovative way to use your name in a way that no one can expect, like inventing a nickname you had during childhood that many people do not know.

The names of friends and family

Many people use names or groups of family and friends names to create passwords, an easy way but they must be mixed with other symbols so they do not fall into the pirate trap.

Pet information

We love our pets, which is why many passwords include pet names and pet birthdays. If you treat your cat as your child, you probably used her name as a password, but be careful to mix with something else.


Birthdays are also very common passwords, especially when combined with names. If Michael B. Archer's birthday was on June 5, 1975, some of the passwords he could have included include:





There are many possibilities here. If you think you've set a password like this, try some combinations with your information.

Home and office addresses

Parts of important titles in your life can be a source of inspiration for a password you've created. Think of where you are and where you have lived since.

Thoughts of childhood

There may be something important for you as a child and fit to be a password can not come to anyone but you.

The examples here are endless, but perhaps you have a favorite pet in childhood, or a fictional friend's name. These kinds of ideas are common ways to create easy-to-remember passwords.

Important numbers

Some of the numbers that often play a role in passwords include phone numbers (especially previous ones), social security numbers, salient sporting results, important dates, driving license numbers, etc.

There are visual ways to select some letters on the keyboard so that they are geometrical when moving from character to character, which makes remembering the password easy.

Some other ideas

Other common password inspires include favorite foods, favorite places, holiday spots, celebrity names, and sports teams.

Here are some things to think about when entering your password:

Is the Num Lock key present?

Is the Caps Lock key compressed?

Have your fingers accidentally turned on the keyboard?

Does the keyboard work correctly?

If you're lucky, there are some pages that have an option to show the password as you enter it when you create your account, which makes you remember the combination you just created.

A great way to check that you do not see any of the above problems is to open the Word or iPad file, and type the password before you enter it to make sure it is correct.

Still hard to remember password?

If you still can not remember your password after all this mental effort, you may have to try something more than high-tech programs like password recovery.


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