Member "Knesset " Oren Hazan calls for the assassination of president and Mahmoud al-Aloul

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Knesset member of the Likud party, Oren Hazan, called for the assassination of President Mahmoud Abbas and Vice-chairman of the Fatah movement Mahmud al-Aloul.

"President Abbas and Mahmoud al-Aloul should be assassinated," he said, quoting Hebrew media on Friday evening.

Dozens of settlers gathered Thursday night at the scene of a shooting attack in which two soldiers were killed near the settlement of Givat Asaf, east of the city of Ramallah, where they lifted pictures of President Mahmoud Abbas with slogans demanding that he be killed and executed, chanting racist and anti-Arab slogans.

In response to the Israeli campaign against President Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah's Revolutionary council member Abdelala al-Atiri said that the Fatah movement, together with the Palestinian people, would face the occupation with all the means available for its eradication.

In a statement to the press in response to an invitation from the Knesset (Parliament) member Oren Hazan, al-Atiri said, "Neither a party nor the imam of Netanyahu or his predecessors have been able to undermine the resolve of our people and our proud leadership."

"The threats to the liquidation of President Abbas will only increase the president's strength, power and determination to confront the plans of occupation, which also went to call for the expulsion of the deputy chairman of the Fatah movement Abu Jihad al-Aloul and his liquidation in a repeated invitation you will find from Fatah only more steadfastness and confrontation to an occupied system will return from where it came No matter how long the time or the Palace  ".

He pointed out that the guerilla who fought the battles of the revolution and gave his son a martyr along with all the leaders (Fatah) and the national action will not discourage them such threats.


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