Baby drowned in the bathtub .. The reason "mother washing machine"

A British court heard a mother's mother's death in the bathroom of their 13-month-old daughter without charge and said the murder was accidental.

The details of the incident came back last June, when the bereaved mother found her baby son, Oliver Rhodes, drowned underwater in the bathroom in the bathroom after leaving for two minutes to remove the washing from the washing machine.

The mother explained to the court that she put her son in a bath tub on the top floor of the house, and went out for no more than two minutes to check the laundry, and then returned to the bathroom and found him playing in the water, according to the newspaper "Mirror" on Wednesday.

The mother seemed to reassure her that her baby was fine. He left him and went this time to wash the laundry. Moments later she heard the sound of one of her children screaming. She rushed upstairs and found Oliver sinking.

The mother said she removed the bathroom plug immediately and called the emergency service, but the ambulance failed to revive the baby's heart and died of the tragic accident.

The incident took place in Boston, Lincolnshire, on the east coast of England, the newspaper said, adding that police had taken no action against the family after the child's death was found to be "accidental".

"The baby's parents showed great affection and care for their children," police sergeant Claire Remer said, adding that there was evidence that the mother was already interested in washing the laundry when her son died.



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