Australian law allows access to Internet users ´ data!

Australia _ Agencies

The Australian government has passed a new law that allows security authorities to access encrypted data from internet companies in the country.

The law was adopted by the Australian Parliament on Dec. 6, and its provisions stipulate that the technology and Internet companies operating in Australia are obliged to provide the security authorities with user data, even encrypted, if the latter so requests.

If the company does not provide the required data to the security authorities, it is obligated under the new law to pay a fine equivalent to $10 million (approximately US $7.2 million).

The Australian authorities explained that the law was necessary to protect citizens from terrorism and criminals, and that data encryption sometimes hindered the prosecution of such persons.

Australia is a member of the "Five ees" intelligence agreement, which also includes Britain, the United States, Canada and New Zealand, which provides for the exchange of electronic information on wanted people in those countries.


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