Settlers assault citizens and vehicles in the West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Settlers on Thursday evening attacked Palestinian civilians and their vehicles in parts of a West Bank contingent after a shooting attack that killed three soldiers east of Ramallah.

An extremist right-wing was invited to leave today, starting at 5 p.m., demonstrating along line 60, and cutting the road to Palestinian vehicles from the "Alon Moreh" settlement south of Nablus, to the settlements of Jabal al-Khalil.

Videos published by citizens from several places and roads in the West Bank, specifically between Nablus and Ramallah, showed settlers throwing stones at vehicles, smashed their glass and endangering their drivers.

Local sources said that settlers attacked houses in the village of Petén, east of Ramallah.

Settlers also attacked Palestinian vehicles and houses on a roundabout in the town of ' ' dialogue ' leading to the settlement of "Yitzhar ".

The loudspeakers of the mosques were heard in his conversation, urging citizens to confront the settlers.

Settlers also attacked the village of Juira al-Qaryat, south of Nablus, this afternoon, with protection from the occupation army.

The residents tried to confront the settlers, but the occupation forces began firing live and metal rubber-coated bullets, and tear gas heavily, causing suffocation among the citizens, including a woman who was in a coma.

In Hebron, the Settlers  "Kiryat Arba" attempted to seize land and use it as a route for them to reach the said settlement.

Settler activist Arif Jaber said that a number of settlers had tried to seize land in Wadi al-fortified, belonging to the Jaber family, surrounded them with barbed wire and cleaned stones to use them to reach the settlement adjacent to the bypass street.


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