Statistics: The number of motor disabilities in Palestine has risen over the past 10 years

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Movement disability was the most widespread disability among Palestinian disabled, according to statistical data released by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday.

According to statistical data presented in a statistical paper followed by Halima Said, Director General of the Department of International Relations at the Statistics Authority, during a ceremony held today in Ramallah on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, in 2017 the percentage of individuals with motor difficulties was 2.9 Followed by visual difficulties (2.6%).

Compared to 2007, the most common difficulty was visual difficulties, with 2.5% in Palestine followed by 1.8%, which shows an increase in motor difficulties over the last ten years.

The number of people with at least one difficulty in Palestine was 255,228, or 5.8% of the total population, 127,266 in the West Bank, 5.1% of the total population in the West Bank, The Gaza Strip has reached 127,962, or 6.8% of the total population in the Gaza Strip.

The statistical data indicate an increase in the percentage of individuals with difficulties during the last ten years, reaching 4.7% in 2007 (5.3% in the West Bank and 3.7% in the Gaza Strip) compared with 5.8% (5.1% in the West Bank, And 6.8% in the Gaza Strip) in 2017.

The percentage of individuals with difficulties in the past ten years has increased in the past ten years. The percentage of individuals with male difficulties in Palestine in 2017 was 6.3% compared to 5.4% among females. In 2007, the percentage of individuals with difficulties was 4.8% 4.6% among females.

For her part, the head of the Palestinian statistics, Ola Awad, said in a speech during the ceremony that "the results and indicators produced by the draft population census, housing and establishments for the year 2017, was a surprise about persons with disabilities, and stresses that their challenges are still large, The lack of legislation and laws in providing the means and tools that help them to adapt and integrate into society naturally, and the absence of practical application to them on the ground, for example the law allocated 5% of the total employment for people with disabilities, yet few institutions committed to this " .


Awad pointed out that the results of the census showed that about 10 thousand individuals, equivalent to one third of children with disabilities in the age group of 6-17 years, are not integrated into education, which requires further research and analysis, although this does not cover the events and developments The latest in 2018, especially in the Gaza Strip.

In his speech, Minister of Social Development Ibrahim Al-Sha'er said that "there is a significant development in the field of attention to the issues of persons with disabilities. In the field of services, rehabilitation and integration, Palestine has registered a success story in the field of the appointment of persons with disabilities, Which was stipulated by the law, but exceeded in 2017 to 6.7% The percentage of appointment in the ministry alone 11%.

He added: "As for the supporting bodies, we have allocated for the first time a budget of 2.5 million shekels, and we will increase the value of this budget for next year, in order to facilitate access to tools and supporting devices such as wheelchairs and artificial limbs, and audio aids and glasses, Persons with disabilities to access education, as well as access to employment and economic empowerment to integrate into public life and participate in society. "

The Ministry was in the process of strengthening economic empowerment projects for persons with disabilities, as well as seeking to increase coordination and cooperation with relevant ministries, civil society and the private sector to adapt buildings.

"The issue of disability has taken important steps in recent years, and its themes have shifted to the disability sector in the country, the various campaigns of lobbying and advocacy, and the cumulative work that demonstrates the determination of this segment to reach its rights," said the head of the General Union for the Disabled, Rafiq Abu Seifin.

Abu Seifin pointed out that the Union has sought for decades to include the rights of persons with disabilities in all corners of the Palestinian home and to build community alliances that contribute to improving the reality of people with disabilities.

The presentation included a number of technical paragraphs presented by the Jordanian East Spirit Ensemble, a group of people with disabilities, and a film about the reality of people with difficulty in Palestine produced by the Palestinian statistics, in addition to a presentation on the changes in the reality of people with difficulty in Palestine by the Palestinian statistics, Social and intervention from the reality of people with disabilities, as well as a success story through a living certificate of people with disabilities (obstacles and difficulties).



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