The European Union calls on Israel to immediately release Ahmed Manasra

The European Union demanded, on Thursday evening, the Israeli occupation authorities, to immediately release the prisoner Ahmed Manasra.

Representatives of the Union and a number of member states attended a trial session for the prisoner Manasra, which was held today, after spending a year in solitary confinement, as the occupation court decided to extend his isolation for another four months.

The European Union said: "The United Nations considers solitary confinement for a period of more than 15 days as a form of torture."

He added, "We call on the Israeli authorities to immediately end his solitary confinement, and to ensure that he receives the necessary psychological assistance and support."

He continued, "Given has serious international concerns about fair trial standards and due process in this case. We are calling on the Israeli authorities to release him promptly."

The occupation court in Beersheba had extended the isolation of the Jerusalemite prisoner, Ahmed Manasra, for a new period of four months, despite his serious health and psychological condition, noting that he has been isolated for more than a year and has been in the cells of Ashkelon.

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