On International Children´s Day.. "The Prisoners´ Authority" documents a painful arrest certificate for the child Muhammad al-

high fever and pain in the whole body. He did not eat anything for several days, at a time when the prison administration deliberately refused to transfer him to the clinic and show him to the doctor, and they insisted on not giving him even a sedative to reduce the fever and pain he experienced. He was in control of his body.  


It is noteworthy that Muhammad has not yet been judged, and there is no information about his upcoming trial, but the judge presented several possibilities in the last session, either that he be released to house arrest in Jerusalem and its environments, or that he be to an institution transferred inside, and in the event that the parents do not agree to one of these options, he remains in prison.


The child prisoner, Muhammad, is deprived of visiting his family, as the Israeli occupation authorities refuse to grant his mother a visit permit, as she lives in the town of Anata and holds the West Bank ID, and his father is deceased.

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