France arrests 4 thousand people with protests/"Yellow Jackets"

Paris _ Agencies

The French police arrested 4,000 and 99 people during protests in various parts of the country, organised by the movement  "Yellow Jackets" from 17 November last November, until Tuesday.

According to the data of the French police, the events that erupted against the backdrop of these demonstrations resulted in the arrest of 4,000 and 523 people, and taken to the police, to arrest 4,000 and 99 of them, as a result of the protests sparked a condemnation of high fuel prices and the cost of living.

The protests of the "yellow Jackets" continued despite the government's retreat from the decision to increase the fuel tax, and then completely abolish it.

The protests are one of the worst crises that strike France in the era of Makin, who are accused by protesters of "arrogance " and "arrogance ", calling on them to listen to their demands.

The French president, Emmanuel Makin, acknowledged his "partial" responsibility for public outrage against the backdrop of those protests.

"I take part of the responsibility of popular anger, although the roots of the current crisis are old," Makin said in his first public televised address since the Yellow Jackets protests.

He promised to reduce taxes on low-income workers and eliminate the tax increase on pensioners ' pensions.

He also repeated his previous promises to raise the minimum wage and vowed to cancel the tax on overtime starting from Jan. 1 January.

In his speech, Makin criticized the violence that erupted during the protests and vowed to "not tolerate" the violent people during the protests.


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