Presidency: Important and fateful decisions if Israeli aggressions continue

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Palestinian presidency said that President Mahmoud Abbas would make a series of urgent contacts with several Arab and international actors in order to shoulder their responsibilities towards the dangerous Israeli escalation of continued incursions into Palestinian cities, the persistence of settler crimes and the desecration of holy places.

The presidency, in a statement, said on Monday that important and fateful decisions will be taken in the event of the continuation of the escalating Israeli incursions and attacks against our people in several Palestinian cities, most recent of which took place today in the city of Ramallah, especially the storming of official premises.

The Presidency expressed its strong rejection and condemnation of the continued incursions into the Palestinian territories, which have crossed the border in an intolerable way, noting that these continuing incursions constitute a flagrant violation of all signed agreements and, accordingly, that the leadership will assess the situation in a manner Final action and necessary decisions that protect and serve the interests of our people.


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