Abu Bakr condemns the continuous Israeli piracy of Palestinian prisoners´ money

Major General Qadri Abu Bakr, head of the Prisoners and Ex- Prisoners Affairs Commission, condemned, on Tuesday morning, the ongoing Israeli piracy of Palestinian prisoners' money, which was revealed by the so-called Defense Minister of the Israeli occupation state, Benny Gantz, who approved the decision to cut 10 million shekels of money transferred from the Palestinian Authority to families and families of prisoners.  

Abu Bakr explained in a press statement to him, that this revenge and racist approach comes within a general policy agreed upon in all circles of the occupation system, to harass the prisoners and their families, and work by all means to embarrass the Palestinian National Authority before the international community, through lies and stories that have nothing to do with reality. .  

Abu Bakr stressed that this brazen piracy and theft of the allowances of prisoners and their families, in violation of all international norms and conventions, as they are prisoners of liberation movements to whom international conventions and conventions apply, stressing the need for a national, political , legal and social Palestinian, regional and international incubator to provide protection and a decent life for this militant group and their families.

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