The occupation demolishes 3 houses in "Arab al-Rashaida" northwest of Jericho

Today, Monday, the Israeli occupation forces demolishedthree houses in the Bedouin community (Arab al-Rashaida), northwest of Jericho.
The supervisor of the Al-Bayr Organization for the Defense of Bedouin Rights, Hassan Mleihat, told : "The occupation forces stormed at five in the morning today, the Bedouin community in (Arab Al-Rashaida), and proceeded to demolish these tin houses, owned by them.Citizens: Muhammad Ali Tarif Rashaida, Imad Ali Tarif Rashaida, and Amin Muhammad Mleihat, on the pretext that they are located in areas classified as (C), and that their owners do not have licenses .
Mleihat stressed that what the occupation government has done represents a policy of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian Bedouin, by adopting a policy of mass deportation, in clear violation of all international and humanitarian conventions and norms, and aims to uproot the Bedouin with the aim of seizing the land and replacing them with settlers.

In the same context, the occupation forces destroyed a fence and a water network near the cooperative village of Al-Awsaj, north of the city of Jericho, and seized seven tents and their equipment in Al-Auja village, claiming that part of these tents are located in areas classified as “C”. 

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