A mother and her three children were swept away by torrential rain in the Yemeni province of Lahj

A mother and her three children were killed today (Sunday) after a car they were traveling in was swept away by torrential rains in the Yemeni province of Lahj.

Paramedics and local residents told Xinhua that the car driven by a relative of the family was swept away in the "Hardaba" area of ​​Radfan district in Lahj governorate, 337 kilometers southeast of Sana'a.

According to them, the driver of the car tried to cross a stream of torrents on the main road near the city of "Al-Habileen" in the district, but the car deviated from its course as a result of the flowing torrents.

The sources confirmed that the torrents swept the car and those inside it, and threw it into a low area of ​​the road, causing the death of the mother and her three children, while the driver was injured and was taken for treatment at the district hospital.

In the same context, local media quoted the Director General of Radfan Directorate, Fadl Al-Qutaibi, as saying that "the family that was swept away by the torrents belongs to the Labous Yafea area" in Lahj governorate, stressing that the local authority did Its duty, as "the security forces moved to search for the children who were swept away by the torrents on after a distance from the scene of the accident, they were recovered and taken to Radfan General Hospital."

Lahj governorate, like the rest of the Yemeni governorates, is experiencing heavy rainfall during this period.

Last week, the office of the Ministry of Agriculture in Lahj said that the governorateal rains in the governorate "caused losses in agricultural lands in the governorate."

The United Nations recorded the death of 77 people, including children, due to the floods that swept the Yemeni governorates from mid-July to mid-August. 

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