The expansion of cracks and landslides in the land of southern Jerusalem as a result of the excavations of the occupation

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The cracks and landslides in the Wadi Helwa neighborhood of Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as a result of the incessant Israeli excavations and the unloading of dust from the bottom of the neighbourhood, have widened to complete the "tunnel network" connecting to the walls of the al-Aqsa Mosque from the west side.

In a press release, Wadi Helweh/Silwan Information Center explained that during the past two days, cracks and collapses took place in a private land belonging to the "Greek Orthodox Church", which is adjacent to the mosque  "Ein Silwan " In the neighborhood, and used as a position for the vehicles of the neighboring people, while the Al-Adad Association tries to control it, Several months ago, the settlers had a private room for their guards.

He added that the People's Committee in Wadi Helweh district and residents examined the cracks that appeared in two areas of the land, and found excavation works beneath it at a depth of 4 meters, and in another area 6 meters deep, and found the bottom of cement bags and materials and columns, which confirms the existence of a tunnel in the place.

He explained that the winter expose the excavations carried out by the occupation authorities under the valley of Wadi Helweh, where the cracks and landslides and cracks in the houses and streets of the neighborhood, the excavation work is continuing under it with manual and heavy tools as well as to empty the dust daily, and thus became houses The neighborhood is at risk of collapse, noting that collapses and cracks occur occasionally, but they are widening and increasing dramatically and dangerously.

The information center warned of the danger of continuing excavation and unloading of dust beneath Wadi Helweh district, pointing to the presence of more than 70 houses in the neighbourhood affected by the excavations unevenly, where cracks in walls, ceilings and landing floors, except for the damage of the foundations of several houses.

The center pointed out that the residents of Wadi Helweh went to the Israeli courts and demanded to stop the excavation work down the neighborhood, and demanded to take the necessary measures for the safety of the residents and their properties, the cracks and landslides are increasing in all areas of Wadi Helweh (in its streets, walls and homes Residential and commercial establishments), explaining that the municipality of occupation forced three families from the neighborhood in 2017 to evacuate their homes under the pretext  "

He confirmed that the occupation authorities continue digging into a complex tunnel network beneath Wadi Helweh district, starting from the area of Al Ain passing through Wadi Helweh Street main road towards  "The settlement of Kidam/Bab al-Mughrabi", and the Outpost/"City of David " down to the square of al-Buraq  "The Western wall of the mosque  ".

He added that the occupation authorities were preventing Palestinians from entering some tunnels under the neighborhood, and that the parents ' committee, through their lawyers, demanded access to the tunnels to learn about the work that threatens the entire neighborhood but rejected the request, noting that the occupation authorities allow access to only certain parts and roads of the tunnels.


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