Netanyahu: We are pressing Iran and Hezbollah and are ready for operation in Gaza

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that "Israel is pushing Iran out of Syria with great success, as well as Hezbollah, at a time when it is preparing for a military operation in Gaza."

Netanyahu explained during a meeting of the Likud Party bloc that his government is working very successfully against Iran inside and outside Syria, and the process has not yet ended. He spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue as well as on Hizbullah's activities.

"We are working to neutralize the exact rockets in Lebanon and Hezbollah's tunnels," he said. He said his government was working to impose further sanctions against Hezbollah and Iran.

Netanyahu pointed out that his government is not currently involved and has no interest in escalating on the Palestinian fronts at this time. Adding at the same time, "but if there is no other option, we are now in a position to do more and enter into a military operation in Gaza if necessary, because we have benefited from the time to prepare for it."


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