Abu Bakr: The occupation assaulted 100 prisoners under the pretext of searching for mobile devices

The head of the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority, Major General Qadri Abu Bakr, said today, Thursday, that the forces of the Israeli Prisons Service stormed the sections of Raymond Prison and beat 100 prisoners under the pretext of searching for mobile devices.

Abu Bakr added, in statements to Voice of Palestine radio, that "the intrusive forces used batons and pepper gas during their assault on the prisoners." He indicated that lawyers for the Prisoners' Affairs Authority are making contacts to visit the prisoners in prison and to know their condition.

With regard to the file of the prisoner, Khalil Awawda, the head of the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority explained that a number of lawyers visited him a few days ago in isolating Ramle prison, and reported that his health condition is serious, and at a time when his health condition deteriorates, he is transferred to the prison clinic to give him supports only without providing appropriate treatment. .

He pointed out that negotiations are taking place between representatives of the prisoners and the Israeli military intelligence, and no response has been sent in this file until this moment.

Abu Bakr indicated that the prisoner, Raed Rayan, ended his hunger strike after he agreed with the Prisons Authority administration not to extend his administrative detention for another 4 months.

In the file of sick prisoners, he said: "The health condition of the prisoner, Nasser Abu Hamid, is very dangerous, and that his body has begun to lose its balance, and is not responding to treatment, as he was scheduled to undergo chemotherapy sessions and other medicines, but his body no longer interacts with these medicines and this led to To the deterioration of his health, and this was confirmed by the reports of doctors and lawyers who visited him

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