Notices to stop construction in Bethlehem and expel families from the Jordan Valley

Today, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces notified the construction of 4 homes for citizens in the Ein Jwezira neighborhood in the village of Al-Walaja, northwest of Bethlehem.

An Israeli military force stormed the area and handed the notices to four citizens to stop building the houses in preparation for their demolition, on the grounds of non-licensing.

These notifications are part of a series of Israeli measures that pursue citizens to prevent them from building and even renovating their homes and then demolishing them, as this neighborhood is under attack by the occupation forces and the Jerusalem municipality, which seeks to annex the neighborhood within the limits of its control.

These forces have previously demolished many homes and notified others in the context of the policy of displacing residents from this neighborhood.

In this context, the occupation forces notified the expulsion of six Palestinian families from their tents in Khirbet Humsa al-Fouqa in the northern Jordan Valley , under the pretext of military exercises.

Through these notifications, 40 citizens of the area will be deported and rendered homeless.

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