Pictures: A famous Russian star hits his lover Live

Moscow _ Agencies

A Russian TV star sparked controversy on social media sites after his violent attack on his girlfriend on the air immediately after admitting that another man hugged her.

Andrei Chaparin, 34, attacked his 21-year-old girlfriend Rosalia Raison during the live broadcast of the famous Russian reality television program "Dom 2 ″, in which the contestants must build a house while trying to find a partner, then each couple competes on the house itself, and the incident was filmed By hidden cameras installed in the program's home.

According to the British Daily Mail, Andre, beat, can be seen beating her and pulling her hair because of her treachery while a program participant tries to separate them.

The officials reportedly decided to expel Andrei from the program after the attack, and said that despite what Rosalia had suffered, she had forgiven her partner and were now trying to repair their relationship.


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