A British organization forces an Israeli arms company to close its headquarters in London

A campaign organized by the British organization "Palestine Action" forced the Israeli arms company "Elbit" to close its headquarters in Kingston Street in the British capital, London.

"Thanks to our brave and energetic activists, we are closer than ever to ending the Israeli arms trade in Britain ," the organization said in a statement issued today, Tuesday.

She added that since 2020, its activists have carried out continuous activities and protests in front of the company's headquarters with the aim of disrupting its work, noting that the closure of its headquarters in London comes 5 months after it was forced to close another site in Oldham.

She explained that Elbit is the largest private Israeli company that manufactures weapons and produces about 85% of the Israeli drones that were used to kill Palestinians in Gaza, and that the company is responsible for manufacturing ammunition for the Israeli army.

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