The Journalists Syndicate approves steps to follow up on the case of the assassination of Abu Aqleh and fairness to journalists

The General Secretariat of the Journalists Syndicate has approved several steps to follow up on the case of the assassination of the martyr Sherine Abu Aqleh at the International Criminal Court, and an action program aimed at providing justice to journalists in the work environment in the public and private sectors.

This came during a meeting held under the chairmanship of the Syndicate of Journalists, Nasser Abu Bakr, in Ramallah and Gaza via video communication technology, today, Tuesday.

The General Secretariat of the Syndicate formed working groups to start practical steps with the aim of doing justice to journalists, paying the press profession’s allowances and taking risks, contracting with an insurance company to provide health insurance for journalists, their families and their vehicles, implementing a training program for occupational safety, and calling on all media institutions to provide occupational safety equipment.

A special committee was also formed to review the media laws and legislation in force in Palestine, including the Jordanian Journalists Syndicate Law of 1952, which does not meet the development of the journalism profession and the institutional building of the union, and the draft law organizing the profession, provided that it presents its recommendations in the first week after Eid al-Adha.

The General Secretariat confirmed that it will continue the dialogue with the government regarding the payment of my allowances for the journalism profession and risk, and it will deal with this file as a priority, because my allowances are the nature of work and risk approved and spent on many professions, and journalists have not been treated fairly.

The Syndicate indicated that the occupational safety program will start during the next month and will primarily target reporters and field photographers, who are being directly targeted by the Israeli occupation army.

The General Secretariat assigned a special committee to contract with an insurance company to provide health and vehicle insurance for journalists and their families, to start it next month, and to list the journalists involved in this service.

The meeting also reviewed the merits of Palestine winning the position of Vice President of the International Federation of Journalists.


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