A court session is being held for the prisoner Ahmed Manasra today to consider the issue of extending his solitary confinement

The head of the Palestinian Prisoner Club, Qaddoura Fares, said that the Israeli occupation forces continued their crime against the prisoner Ahmed Manasra, without any regard for his health and psychological condition, as a result of the systematic torture that was practiced against him over the years, including his isolation. Solitary confinement is not surprising, as this is the approach of the occupation. 


Fares' statement came in response to the court session scheduled for the prisoner advocating for the extension of his solitary confinement order. The court sitting today is not authorized to release him, but it is an integrated system that works to achieve the most severe forms of oppression and abuse against him.


Fares stressed that the occupation is trying to put this oppression and perpetuate it, against Ahmed, in seemingly "legal" frameworks, in order to take revenge on him as much as possible. 


And he continued, that even in the "legal" tracks and within the framework of what Israeli law allows, the occupation has procrastinated in dealing with his case and restricting any track that could have contributed to saving him, and this reflects and confirms that the crime committed against Ahmed is a crime in which all participate. The occupation agencies are at their highest levels, fully integrated. Today, Ahmed is alone facing an extremist “state” on multiple levels. 

It is worth noting that Ahmed Manasra, who has faced arrest and torture since he was 13 years old, is among hundreds of children who are subjected to arrests and torture in the occupation prisons annually, in addition to the policy of deliberate medical negligence (slow killing). 

The number of child prisoners in the occupation prisons today is about 170 children.

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