Bseiso: Victory for Palestine is a triumph for human justice

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Minister of Culture Ihab Bseiso said that the victory for Palestine is a triumph of human justice and that its freedom is free for Arabs and all humanity, pointing out that the Israeli occupation is trying to isolate Palestine in politics, geography and culture to make our case part of the past.

This came during a seminar titled "Seventy Years and after?" organized by the Arab Cultural Club, on Friday, in the Lebanese capital Beirut, as part of the events of the Beirut Arab International book fair  "62 ".

Bseiso pointed out that the aim of all plots aimed at the Palestinian people is the invisibility of Palestinian rights and national identity, stressing that the fragmentation of the Palestinian geography is an Israeli strategic goal to eliminate the Palestinian issue and end the national project.

He said that the occupation wanted to rule the city of Jerusalem to isolate it from the Palestinian depth, stressing that the blockade of the Gaza Strip aimed to separate the sector from the Palestinian territory, and that the law of nationalism was a prelude to the stabilization of the Jewish State to the elimination of national political rights and the most important of which is the right of return.

Bseiso stressed that the challenges needed to withstand the nation's homeland away from the rhetoric, stating that the national will had made great achievements at the international level, and that the Palestinian leadership's insistence on joining international organizations had led to the stabilization of Palestinian right and heritage on the ground.

He stressed that the Palestinian issue will remain the central issue of the Arab nation, because it is the key to stability in the world, and any attempt to circumvent it will be doomed to failure.

Bseiso said that national unity is a national demand and necessity to meet the challenges and one of the mechanisms to support the steadfastness of our people, stressing the rejection of the Palestinian issue and turn it into just aid or projects of economic or developmental nature, adding that our people do not beg aid from anyone but struggling to achieve its national goals In freedom, return and independence.

The seminar was attended by the Director General of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture Ali Samad, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Lebanon Ashraf Dabour, the Chargé d'affaires of the State of Kuwait in Lebanon Abdullah al-Shaheen, the Secretary of the Fatah movement and factions of the Liberation Organization Fathi Abu Ardat, and a member of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah  "Amna Jibril" and Arab Cultural Club Fadi Tamim, Lebanese poet and writer Shawki Bazar, and a crowd of cultural and intellectual institutions and representatives of the Palestinian factions.

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