Miladinov: Gaza´s difficult situation could escalate

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The opportunity for a military escalation in the Gaza Strip has become very tangible because of the difficult humanitarian situation, said Nikolai Miladinov, UN envoy for the Middle East peace process, on Thursday.

In an interview with Israeli Army Radio, Miladinov warned of a major military confrontation in the Gaza Strip between Hamas and Israel.

"More hours of electricity, water supply and better life for the population will ease the chance of this potential confrontation under the current situation," he said.

He called for the need not to abandon the peace process, saying, "We only need the will and leadership that is able to do so." "Thousands of Israelis are dissatisfied with the fact that the Palestinians are not masters of their fate-at the end of the whole thing begins in Oslo, which is not yet over," he added.

Miladinov touched on the Israeli soldiers ' dossier in Gaza, calling on their families to be calm and patient and to understand their pain.


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