Belarus expels most Ukrainian diplomats over ´unfriendly´ activities

 Belarus has decided to expel most of the diplomats from neighboring Ukraine over alleged unfriendly activities, the Foreign Ministry in Minsk announced on Wednesday.

Belarus has asked Ukraine to reduce the number of its diplomats at the Ukrainian embassy in Minsk so that only the ambassador and four employees remain, according to the Belarus News Agency (Belta), citing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bloomberg News Agency reported that Belarus closed the Consulate General of Ukraine in Brest.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry confirmed in an email that Belarus had asked 12 Ukrainian diplomats to leave the country "within the next 72 hours."

The ministry added that the Ukrainian embassy in Belarus will continue its work with a smaller number of employees, including the ambassador.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus claimed that it had observed unfriendly activities from Ukraine over several years, which led to "irresponsible destruction" of bilateral relations.

She went on to say that the Ukrainian authorities interfered in the country's internal affairs and carried out "destructive actions", such as closing the country's airspace.

The ministry stressed that the decision to expel the diplomats should not be understood as an attack on the citizens of Ukraine, with whom Belarus will continue to share a “fraternal” bond. For this reason, Ukrainians and foreign nationals fleeing Ukraine will be allowed to enter without a visa until April 15.

Ukraine announced that it would respond to these measures.

Ole Nikolenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, said the move was "not at all because of Ukraine" and stressed that "Ukraine will not let Belarus' actions go unanswered."

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