Moscow announces a "rapprochement" in positions during talks with Ukraine

The head of the Russian negotiating delegation with Kyiv announced on Friday that he saw a "convergence" of positions on the issue of Ukraine's neutral status and progress on the issue of its disarmament.

"The question of Ukraine's neutral status and its non-joining NATO is one of the main points in the negotiations, it is the point that witnessed the greatest convergence in the positions of the two parties," Vladimir Medinsky was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying.

But he noted "differences" about the "security guarantees" demanded by Ukraine.

"In terms of disarmament, I would say it is 50/50," Medinsky said, adding that he could not reveal the details of the negotiations, but that the two parties were "halfway" to reach an agreement on this issue.

Russia, which has been leading an offensive against its neighbor since February 24, is negotiating with Kyiv to demand that it be a neutral country like Sweden or Austria, and not join NATO.

For its part, Ukraine said on Wednesday that there were "deep contradictions" remaining in the Russian-Ukrainian talks, but that a "compromise" could be reached.

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