Jadu briefed the European envoy to the peace process on the latest political developments

Today, Tuesday, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Amal Jado, briefed the European Union's envoy to the peace process, Sven Compans, on the latest political developments on the Palestinian and regional arenas, in the presence of the Prime Minister's advisor, Stephen Salameh.

During her meeting with the European envoy in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on the sidelines of the meetings of the European-Palestinian Joint Committee and the convening of the Palestinian-European political dialogue, Jado reviewed the ongoing daily Israeli violations against the Palestinian people in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

It warned of the danger of deteriorating conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories as a result of daily violations of assassinations and arrests against Palestinians and the appropriation of land and private property, in addition to the policies of forced population displacement and the continuous and systematic settlement expansion that undermines the two-state solution and aims primarily to change the facts on the ground and implement the Israeli annexation plan.

 Jado deplored the double standards followed by Western countries in dealing with international and regional issues and crises, especially with the Palestinian cause, noting that it encourages Israel to commit more crimes against our people.

It called on the European Union to put pressure on Israel, the occupying power, to save the two-state solution and stop its arrogant policies and its continuous aggression against our steadfast people.

In turn, Salameh stressed during the meeting the importance of the relationship that unites the European Union and the State of Palestine, and appreciated the continuous support it provides, in addition to the cooperation that brings the two parties together in various sectors.

He stressed the commitment of the State of Palestine to all signed agreements, to the two-state solution and to international peace in order to reach a just solution to the Palestinian issue, pointing out the necessity of the Israeli side's commitment to that as well.

For his part, Compans affirmed the European Union's commitment to the two-state solution and the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state, in addition to the European Union's refusal to recognize Israeli settlements on the occupied territories in 1967.

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