Large crowds mourn the bodies of the martyrs of Nablus and Qalandia

Thousands of citizens mourned today, Tuesday, the bodies of two young men who were martyred in the morning by the occupation’s bullets in the “Balata” camps in Nablus and “Qalandia” north of occupied Jerusalem, while confrontations erupted with the occupation in “Qalandia” after the funeral.

The funeral procession of the martyr, Nader Haitham al-Rayyan, 17, from Rafidia Hospital, headed to the home of his family, who lives in the village of Kafr Qelil, to pay his farewell to him, before the mourners returned his body to Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus.

Mourners performed the funeral prayer for the martyr Al-Rayyan in the Ebad Al-Rahman mosque in Balata camp, before he was buried in the camp cemetery.

The occupation forces stormed Balata refugee camp in the early hours of this morning, which led to the outbreak of confrontations that led to the death of Al-Rayyan, the injury of a number of other civilians, and the arrest of the pursuer, Ammar Arafat.

While the second martyr, Alaa Shaham, in his twenties, was buried in Qalandia camp, where mourners prayed for him in the camp's Great Mosque, and confrontations erupted with the occupation in the place after the funeral.

It was observed that an armed group of the resistance participated in the funeral, shooting in the air in tribute to the martyr's soul.

The young man, Shaham, was directly shot in the head, while 6 others were wounded, one of them seriously, in the clashes that erupted in Qalandia camp after it was stormed by the occupation forces.

During the funeral of the martyrs' bodies, the Palestinian flag and the factions' banners were raised, amid angry slogans chanted by the masses who called on the resistance to respond.

A third young man from the town of Rahat in the Negev, Sanad Salem Al-Harbed (27 years), was martyred in the town after an attempt to arrest him by the occupation forces.

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