Hebrew channel: Al-Sisi determined to reach a comprehensive deal

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is determined to reach a comprehensive deal between Israel, Hamas and Palestinian factions on the situation in the Gaza Strip, the 10th Hebrew channel said Tuesday.

According to the channel, the close relations between Israel and Egypt and the secret meeting revealed between the Sisi and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may push for the implementation of the al-Sisi plan.

The channel indicated that it had not been known how many meetings had been held secretly between the Sisi and Netanyahu over the past four years.

The non-governmental channel claimed that this relationship had made Egypt a major agent of mediation between Hamas and Israel.

There was an Egyptian desire to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza as crucial to national security, she said.

The channel pointed out that the parties represented by Hamas and Israel so far wish for a modest agreement that includes a reciprocal ceasefire with the re-opening of the crossings and the expansion of the fishing area, as opposed to the ISI's desire to reach a comprehensive agreement and package for years and ensure the return of the Palestinian Authority to govern the Gaza

The channel found that the current calm two days ago on the Gaza front and the possibility of reopening the crossings by Israel would not be a solution to the basic problems in Gaza and would keep the situation fragile unless poverty, unemployment, rehabilitation of infrastructure and the return of power to Gaza were ended.

"Without these measures, another round and perhaps a military war is not far from us," the channel said.


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