The suffering is exacerbating... the female prisoners are living in very difficult detention conditions

Palestinian female prisoners in Israeli jails suffer from harsh and difficult health conditions in light of international silence, as all methods of pressure are exercised against them, whether psychological or physical, without taking into account their privacy and needs.

The liberated prisoner, Ruba Asi, confirmed, today, Sunday, that “the female prisoners in Damoun prison are living in very difficult detention conditions, in light of the intensification of the prison service’s frenzy, which continues to withdraw their achievements and continuously monitors their movement through cameras.

Assi pointed out, in statements transmitted by the “Handala” Center for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners, that “32 female prisoners, including 11 mothers and a minor, are currently languishing in Damoon Prison, most of whom suffer from diseases, denial of visits to parents and lawyers, and the constant restrictions imposed on them to stop university education, in addition to their detention in damp and dilapidated cells.”

Assi indicated that “the demands of female prisoners in the occupation prisons are many, the most important of which is the complete closure of the Sharon crossing because it is used as a place to torture and abuse them before they are transferred to Damon prison, and the installation of public phones to communicate with their families, especially during the period of interruption of visits under the pretext of “Corona”, where the prison administration prevented them from visiting The families for a period of 4 months also prevented lawyers from visiting them, and removed the cameras that monitor the captive around the clock, as she has no privacy.

The occupation forces arrested a sociology student at Birzeit University, Ruba Assi, from her home in the town of Bayutna in the city of Ramallah, and subjected her to a harsh interrogation that lasted for several days in Ofer Prison, then transferred her to the crossing of Hasharon Prison, where she was subjected to a long series of violations, where she was detained between Israeli criminal prisoners were not provided with any of the special supplies that females usually need, and she was also prevented from using the bathroom or changing her clothes, after which she was transferred to “Damon” prison, where she served her sentence of 21 months and was released on 3/06/2222.

For its part, the Commission for Detainees and Ex-Prisoners Affairs said that the injured captive, Marah Bakir, 23, who is the representative of the female prisoners, and who is sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison, from Nablus, is in Damon Prison under difficult living conditions.

The prisoner, Bakir, explained through the commission’s lawyer that the number of female prisoners is currently (31), talking about the harsh conditions they suffer from due to the prison administration’s procedures. Visiting parents, whose legs and hands were tied.

She pointed out that the female prisoners suffer from a shortage of canteen materials, vegetables, and fruits, and they demand the prison administration to install: public phones, abolish the Sharon Crossing, provide a gynecologist once a month, treat captive Esraa Al-Jaabis, and allow West Bank prisoners to make a phone call during their release to inform their families, especially Whoever receives a reduction in the sentence period.

She pointed out that the female prisoners suffer from a shortage of canteen materials, vegetables and fruits, while the captive Aisha Afghani (40) from Jerusalem, who is sentenced to 15 years in prison, suffers from fibers in the uterus, where she underwent a surgical operation, from which the entire uterus was removed. A sample was taken from her, but she did not get the results of the examination. She also suffers from flank pains and flatulence, and she was told by the prison doctor that she needs a CT scan.

The captive, Shurooq Dwaiyat, from Jerusalem, who is sentenced to 16 years in prison and a fine of 80,000 shekels through the commission’s lawyer, confirmed that the prison administration, since the beginning of the repression against the prisoners, refuses to deal with her as a representative of the female prisoners.

Shorouk has moved to several prisons and is currently in Damoun Prison. She is a female student of Al-Quds University. She suffers from an injury in the chest and hand area. She has been subjected, and still is, to the policy of deliberate medical negligence.

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