Egypt: Jewish state law aims to deport 6 million Palestinians

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Former Jordanian prime Minister Taher al-Masri said Israeli plans pose a threat to Palestine and Jordan, because Israel wants Palestine to be non-residents, and Israelis are using several tools to complete their plans, including creating difficult economic and societal conditions in the region, especially in Palestine and Jordan, and offering solutions The rights of Palestinians and Jordanians are not respected.

"The deal of the century is about a lot of talk and discussions, and realistically, it happened, and in 1879 the Zionists held a conference in which they set their goals, which are what is called today," al-Masri said during a dialogue at the club of the sons of the Great Arab Revolt on Tuesday on the repercussions of the century deal on Jordan and Palestine. With the century bargain, these goals create a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital, build the structure to be a symbol of the Jewish state, and they come and roam at the far and below, and the temple is ready even what they call a yellow cow also exists.

وأضاف ان "اقرار اسرائيل قانون يهودية الدولة، يعني ان أرض فلسطين التاريخية دولة لليهود، وسكانها يهود فقط، وغيرهم غريب، ويستطيع وزير داخلية إسرائيل ترحيلهم في أي وقت، وكل الفلسطينيين الموجودين على أرض فلسطين The historical population of about 6 million people no longer has any status, but they are expatriate workers, according to the Israeli view. The program of deportation of Palestinians from the historic land of Palestine is 100 years old, and they think and plan it and it will happen, but when no one knows. " But the Egyptian confirmed that the Palestinian steadfastness and the land and the issue will fail the Israeli plans

"The Israelis do not want to acknowledge that there is no solution without realizing Jordan's rights, and that Jordan alone cannot stand up to the effects of Israel's designs, and first needs a solid internal front and a distinctive national unity, under the leadership, Constitution, institutions and solid homogeneity, and Jordan needs To a continuous Arab Islamic support, and to stop his brotherhood with everything so that Jordan can support the Palestinian cause.

He noted that while roaming in Islamic and Western capitals, he sensed that no one was following and talking about the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem, as did King Abdullah II, the Palestinians and Jordanians, and demanded that Arabs and Muslims support Jordan in various walks of life, especially economic and social, so that he could continue Defending the cause, Jerusalem and the holy places.


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