Galant: There will be a massive blow to Gaza and we will deprive Hezbollah of the tunnels

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli Housing minister Yusaf Galant said on Tuesday that his government would strike a massive blow to the Gaza Strip in time and in accordance with the targets to be set.

Galant, a minister in the Kabbalah and a former military officer, voiced his rejection of criticism of the government after recent events in Gaza and calls for an immediate and forceful blow to Hamas.

He understood all the criticisms and all those who believed that they had acted in reverse, stating that any military strike needed to take decisions in a responsible manner and within an overall process.

"We will reach a large battle in Gaza, and we will determine the timing, goals and conditions," he said. There will be another battle in Gaza. We cannot accept demonstrations on the wall to be told that they want Jerusalem, this will not be accepted, so it would be an additional campaign, and those who determine the conditions and timing will be the state of Israel and not Hamas. "

Referring to the military operation on the northern border, he said, "three weeks ago, the people of Israel were accidentally informed of an unfortunate incident, that the army was operating in the heart of a place that could not be imagined, and today the public woke up this morning and found that the Army forces were working to thwart the offensive spending of the party God  ".

"There are things that cannot be explained to the public, when we take the security issue and put it as a political tool, we lose everything," he said.

"We should not take the process of protecting Israel's security and transforming it into a political tool, all of this is wrong, there must be a little modesty and a little respect for the Government of Israel, a little anger and shouting at some of the wrong things," he said.

He stressed that the campaign in the north was aimed at depriving Hezbollah of the tunnel tool it was digging.


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