Agricultural Relief begins implementing a project to address water scarcity and salinity in the Gaza Strip

The Agricultural Development Association “Agricultural Relief” has launched a project to enhance measures to confront water scarcity and salinity in the Gaza Strip, funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, which aims to provide farmers who are unable to obtain the necessary irrigation water sources for them in Irrigation operations for their agricultural lands in the intervention areas.

This project will collect rainwater in a basin for collecting and filtering this water with a total capacity of 460,000 cubic meters annually, which usually turns into torrents that flood the farmers’ lands and lead to the loss of the agricultural season, which affects the sustainability of their livelihoods.

In addition, the water will be filtered to the underground tank in the intervention areas and then a recovery water well will be constructed to pump water from the underground tank to the targeted agricultural lands through water carrier water lines in the intervention, in addition to constructing an upper water tank with a capacity of 250 cubic meters that will be established at a height of 20 meters .

It is possible to take advantage of water quality to enhance crop diversity and the ability to grow profitable crops while reducing the operational costs of obtaining irrigation water through the use of alternative energy, which will make this well a source of providing irrigation water for the targeted farmers.

This system will improve flood management by collecting rainwater and torrential rain for effective water reuse, especially since storage in the pond will allow for increased absorption and reduced evaporation.
It is noteworthy that this project will provide a package of extension and capacity-building interventions for farmers in regulated and sound irrigation methods, integrated farm management, pests and diseases of crops, correct agricultural practices and fertilization based on an assessment of needs and a baseline study for them.

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