Mandelpelat: Soon I will make up Netanyahu´s file

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

The Israeli Government's legal advisor, Afiyeai Mandelpelat, said Monday that he would work to resolve the dossier of police recommendations on investigations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu soon.

At a session of the Parliamentary and Monitoring committee, Mandelpelat explained that he would consider those recommendations on Netanyahu's trial in the 4000 dossier on the Bezek--location and not.

An enlarged crew is examining the same file in order to help the police and all legal bodies to make the right decision, he said. He said he would make the right decision away from the time factor.

Mandelpelat denied the accusations against him by using the procrastination policy.

He rejected the accusations made by several against the police following the recommendations made by him, confirming his standing and support.


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