The occupation is sinking the Palestinian market with poultry in the settlements to hit the farmer

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The prices of poultry in the Palestinian market are above normal, according to the Ministry of National Economy and Agriculture, on Monday, due to deliberate Israeli occupation, in cooperation with smugglers, to flood the Palestinian market with settlement poultry and to eliminate its surplus. Poultry products, which causes the farmer and the economy significant losses.

In a meeting held at the Ministry of Economy's headquarters with poultry growers and economic security services, they pointed to the efforts of the control and inspection teams in government institutions, in cooperation with the relevant security agencies, to prevent the smuggling of Israeli poultry and to counter attempts by smugglers to bring poultry into the Palestinian market, (C) taking advantage of the Israeli security control over this area and its cooperation to flood the Palestinian market with this commodity.

The two ministries revealed the failure of dozens of attempts and deals between those who are out of the national ranks with Israeli merchants to smuggle the poultry of the Israeli settlements to the Palestinian market at low prices and under the protection of the occupation forces that opened fire on the control and inspection teams in their attempts to confront these smugglers, pointing out the seizure and destruction of large quantities of poultry Contraband that pose a danger to the health and safety of the citizen.

They also stressed the need to increase the level of coordination and complementarity between all partners to deal with these smugglers and to work in accordance with the applicable plans. This will enable the cessation of smuggling operations, especially in the so-called C areas, and balance in the Palestinian market.

The two ministers pointed to the ability of Palestinian banks to cover the needs of the Palestinian market of sauce and provide the general need through Palestinian farmers.



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