Putin to Macron: The West has ignored Russia´s security concerns

 Russian President Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Friday that the West had ignored Moscow's security demands in order to reduce tension between the two sides over the issues of Ukraine and NATO, the Kremlin said.
And a Kremlin report on the content of the call between the two presidents stated that "the answers of the United States and NATO did not take into account Russia's core concerns."
And the Russian presidency continued, "The main issue was ignored, which is how the United States and its allies ... intend to implement the principle that no party should enhance its security at the expense of other countries."
The Kremlin said Russia would "determine its next response" after studying in detail the response of its opponents.
Moscow has amassed more than 100,000 soldiers on the Ukrainian border since the end of 2021, according to Western estimates, who fear an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine.
In order to reduce tension, Moscow stipulated a halt to the expansion of NATO, especially by its annexation of Ukraine, and the return of Western military deployment to the 1997 borders.
Washington, in its response Wednesday, refused to impose any ban on Ukraine's accession to the alliance, but offered Moscow a "serious diplomatic path" to get out of the crisis. .
Putin, for his part, stressed during the call with Macron that Russia wants to continue to work on settling the conflict between Kiev and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine for eight years.
In this regard, he declared his adherence to the current negotiations formula between Moscow, Kiev, Berlin and Paris.
A meeting of the advisors of the leaders of the four countries was held on January 26, the first in months, and another meeting will be held in February.

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