UPDATED | Settlers storm Barqa.. The occupation has continued the siege of the village for 27 days

Dozens of settlers, under the protection of the occupation forces, stormed, this evening, Saturday, the eastern area of ​​Burqa village, southeast of Ramallah.

The Israeli occupation fired rubber-coated metal bullets, sound bombs and toxic tear gas at the citizens who went out to confront the settlers' intrusion, but no injuries were reported.

The Israeli occupation forces continue to besiege the village of Burqa, north of Nablus, for the twenty-seventh day in a row, in a collective siege in the village, in retaliation against its residents for responding to the attacks of settlers and the occupation forces on their village.

According to local sources,the occupation forces continued to close the village for 27 days, after the residents responded to the settlers’ attacks under the protection of the occupation forces, after the shooting operation in which a settler was killed and two others were wounded at the entrance to the evacuated “Homash” settlement on the 16th of May. current month.

The sources indicated that the occupation forces continued to close all the entrances to the village of Burqa with high earth mounds, which reach about 3 meters, and kept its main western entrance open and set up a military point on it to monitor the movements of the people.

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