UNRWA launches an urgent appeal for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East “UNRWA” launched today, Wednesday, an urgent appeal regarding Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, during a conference held at the headquarters of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia “ESCWA” in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

The conference was attended by the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Lebanon Ashraf Dabour, the Deputy Commissioner-General of UNRWA Lenny Steinseth, the United Nations Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator Najat Rushdie, the Chairman of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee Basil Al-Hassan, the Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon Claudio Cordone and a number of our refugee people. In Lebanon.

Dabour called for the intensification of efforts to mobilize financial resources for UNRWA to continue carrying out its duties towards the Palestinian refugees who are on Lebanese territory due to its privacy, pointing out that the Agency is the vital artery for them, and the reductions it has approved will bring negative consequences on their lives and will increase their difficulty and complexity.

Dabour explained that the cutbacks will lead to an increase in the suffering of the Palestinian refugees from Syria, as a reduction in cash assistance was approved, which negatively affected the small families of them, and the suspension of the monthly food basket allowance that was disbursed to them.

He added: “As for the Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon, the agency’s decision to work with 90% of the general budget, which suffers from severe funding shortfalls, negatively affects all aspects of their lives, especially in the areas of: health, social affairs, hygiene, and education. And camp services, including water supply, waste and fuel removal, and employment that has stopped in all fields, as well as stopping work on appointing alternatives to jobs.” He pointed to the difficult economic situation that Lebanon is going through, in addition to the “Corona” pandemic and its negative repercussions on everyone, especially the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, who mainly suffer from a difficult living situation, and are considered among the most needy, with high rates of families suffering from hardship recorded. severe.

Dabour said: On behalf of the Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon, we address you and look forward to you and we hope that you will respond to the emergency appeal for Lebanon for the year 2022 launched by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees “UNRWA”, with our appreciation for the efforts you are making to advance the human life of Palestinian refugees to live in dignity until they return to their land and homeland. In implementation of relevant United Nations resolutions.

A number of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon spoke at the conference, where they presented the most prominent problems and challenges they face in their daily lives, and their inability to provide the minimum required needs due to the economic conditions and the circumstances that Lebanon is going through.

They stressed the need for UNRWA to continue its work and to secure funding for it to be able to carry out its responsibilities and duties towards the refugees and provide them with a decent life until they return to their homeland, Palestine.

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