A new technology to detect computer viruses without the need for specialized programs

A team of researchers in France has come up with a new technology for detecting viruses on computers without the need for specialized programs for this purpose.

This technology relies on the use of a device to monitor magnetic fields, and an vibration sensor unit in order to monitor the electromagnetic fingerprints of different viruses.

s running. The patterns of these waves differ from one program to another due to the different operating codes of each program.

Researchers at the Research Institute of Computer Science and Random Systems (IRISA) in France relied on this idea by creating a new technology for detecting viruses, and they called it "Raspberry Pi", where they measured the magnetic fields of known viruses using a device. special, then analyzed by an vibrational sensor unit.

When reviewing the results of the vibration sensor, the researchers found that each computer virus has an electromagnetic fingerprint that differs from the other, and therefore they fed these results into the virus monitor so that it can identify any virus based on the magnetic fields that it emits.

Experiments have proven that the new technology has been able to identify 99.82% of traditional viruses on computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

The study team confirmed - in statements to a technology specialized site - that the new technology is distinguished by the fact that it does not need to download any software on electronic devices, and is not affected by computing tricks that computer hackers may resort to to hide the presence of viruses within different operating systems.

The researchers ruled out the possibility of selling this new technology to consumers in the market, but it could be used in larger applications and servers.

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