Irish authorities prevent MacGregor Gladiator from driving

Ireland _ Agencies

The Irish authorities prevented the global wrestler, Connor McGregor, from driving the car for six consecutive months, after exceeding the speed of the country's roads in more than one incident.

Police fined the gladiator a sum of 1,000 euros, while the latter admitted to exceeding the speed limit, recently, on a public road near the capital city of Dublin.

MacGregor was summoned to trial after late payment of the last offense, while the star confirmed his remorse for the delay in the payment and did not consider it to be that far.

In the light of his decision, the star apologized for speeding after being summoned to a court in the town of "NAS ", while the trial was attended by a large number of his audience and fans.

McGregor in Ireland is known for his passion for speed and the perpetration of traffic violations, as the judge during his last trial indicated that the star had committed similar irregularities for more than 12 times over the past years.


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