After a year of loneliness.. A giant dick selects two partners for his life!

Kosovo _ Agencies

A huge dick, renowned for his big sizes social networking pages, managed to find two partners for his life at once.

Internet users in 2017 did not believe the video, which spread through social media sites, of the size of the 91-centimetre-high rooster, which weighed 7.7 kilograms. At the time, they suspected that the rooster in the video was not real and only a small child dressed like a dick.

In Kosovo, the farmer, Fi Sevay, confirmed that the Roosters, who were named "Mirkley ", were real and belonged to the Braha chicken dynasty, whose bird weight averaged 5.5 kilograms.

"Mirkley is a very happy and very nice bird and treats him all in the farm well, and he has chosen for himself two chickens," said Sevay to reporters.


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