British Consul: The constant threat to evict Palestinian families in Jerusalem is a “great concern” for our government

The British Consul General in Jerusalem, Diane Corner, said that the UK government considers East Jerusalem an occupied territory, stressing that the ongoing threat of eviction faced by Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and other parts of the West Bank is a source of great concern to her country’s government. .

Corner added, in a statement issued by the British Consulate in Jerusalem, today, Wednesday, after her visit yesterday, accompanied by a group of diplomats to the “Sheikh Jarrah” neighborhood, that “the evictions are illegal under international humanitarian law, as they cause unnecessary suffering and only lead to fueling tensions on the ground.”

The statement indicated that the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are facing the threat of eviction, as there are more than 300 Palestinian Jerusalemites in the “Umm Haroun” area who are at risk of eviction by the Israeli authorities, explaining that the visit of the British Consul General in Jerusalem provided an opportunity to hear more about the challenges. The current situation facing the Palestinian population, and the visit was a kind of reminder of the continuing threats to destabilization in East Jerusalem.

During her visit, Corner met with representatives of the local community in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and with the citizen Muhammad Kiswani, a representative of the Palestinian families in the neighborhood. She also visited a Palestinian family facing an imminent threat of demolishing their homes.

The statement stated that the UK continuously supports many threatened Palestinian families in East Jerusalem through the Norwegian Refugee Council and a number of other local NGOs.

"This visit reaffirms the UK's commitment to the Palestinian presence in East Jerusalem and sends a message of support to those facing eviction threats," the statement added.

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