"Mansion " comes out of silence on the disagreement between Kate and Megan Markal

Buckingham _ Agencies

Buckingham Palace came out of silence after the news of disagreements between the British Prince's wife William and Harry, Kate Middleton and Megan Markel.

According to media reports, the Duchess of Cambridge addressed Megan Markall, the Duchess of Sussex, after the latter spoke "rudely" to the royal staff.

The reports added that Kate had asked Megan not to scold members of her royal team at the Kingston Palace, the British newspaper The Sun reported.

In the meantime, Buckingham Palace took an unusual step and spoke openly about the supposed disagreement:  "That never happened."

The Hadith of the royal palace came after numerous news about Megan's untactful tone and repeated requests from the staff of the royal palace.

The British daily "Daily Mail" had been quoted as a controversial sign between Kate and Megan, Interfax an internal source that Kate Middleton and Megan (Markal) were two different personalities. They don't blend in with each other.

The official news was issued days ago, confirming the departure of Prince Harry and Megan outside the Kinsington Palace, and moving to a country house 32 km from Kensington and consisting of 10 bedrooms.

Internal sources say that it is very clear that Kate and Megan have a different personality, even in the clothes they wear and treat them with the media.

The sources said that William and Kate are very popular among the crew of the royal family, while Megan may sometimes be rude to some staff members.

The difference in the characters of wives may leave the two princes away from each other, which is expected with the preoccupation of each of them with their own royal duties and their marital life.


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