Thousands of protesters protest "rigging" of Georgia´s presidential election

Georgia _ Agencies

About 25 thousand Georgians on Sunday in the streets of the capital Tbilisi in protest against the election of candidates supported by the ruling President, and considered that the elections were rigged.

Demonstrators carrying Georgian flags and EU flags on Rostaville Avenue gathered outside parliament.

"I am here to protest against fraud in the elections," Liana Bartsfanya, 63, told AFP. She accused former Prime Minister Pedzina Ivanishvili of stealing "our votes."

"People took to the streets today because the elections were rigged," said 20-year-old Jia Mogiladze.

On Wednesday, former French diplomat Salome Zorabishvili was elected president by more than 58 percent of the vote in the second round of presidential elections, supported by the Georgian Dream party founded by the country's richest man, Bizzina Ivanishvili, who many consider to dominate political life despite his withdrawal. Of which.


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