A Zionist campaign to expel the assistant member of the Palestine Solidarity Congress

 A coalition of American Zionist organizations launched a campaign calling on Democratic Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to dismiss her legal assistant, who published a number of pamphlets in solidarity with the Palestinians and condemning Israeli crimes.

The campaign against Hussein Al-Tamimi, the legal assistant to Congressman Cortez, came after several posts on his personal page in which he said: “Israel is a racist state governed by European ethnicity, and is built on land stolen from its original inhabitants.”

He also published, "The principle on which Israel's apartheid state is based is not about where you were born but about whether you are Jewish or non-Jewish. Your race determines your rights and level in the racial hierarchy."

In a letter to Cortez, the president of the Alliance of American Zionist Organizations, Morton Klein, called for Tamimi's dismissal, considering his publications "wrong" and "abhorrent."

Klein claimed that "Tamimi's posts fuel the atmosphere of anti-Semitism and hatred that has fueled increased violence and attacks on Jews across the United States."

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