The occupation arrests 3 civilians from Nablus and storms Tekoa

 A large force of the occupation army stormed, at dawn today, Friday, the town of Beita, southeast of Nablus, and arrested three citizens from their homes.


Local sources said that the detainees are: Munir Mahmoud Abu Diab (38 years old), Jihad Hilal Bani Shamsa (50 years old), and Daoud Bani Shamsa (44 years old).


Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Tuqu', east of Bethlehem, with large numbers of soldiers, and the storming operation concentrated in the vicinity of Khirbet al-Deir.


According to activists from the town who spoke to the correspondent, the occupation soldiers set up flying checkpoints and worked to limit the movement of citizens while they were heading to the dawn prayer.


The soldiers raided a number of houses and expelled their residents and left them in the open, before the soldiers confiscated the recording of cameras installed in the vicinity of the home of Samih Tanouh, where the storming process lasted for more than 3 hours, and the activists said that the aim of the storming falls within the context of the policy of collective punishment. .


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