Center: 75 cases of arrests from Gaza last year

The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies has monitored (75) cases of arrests during 2021 by the occupation forces of citizens of the Gaza Strip.


In a report, the Center clarified that the majority of arrests were carried out on the border strip of the Gaza Strip, noting that the number of cases last year was equal to the cases that occurred in 2020, which amounted to 76.


The center said, “Although there is no direct occupation in the Gaza Strip as is the case in the West Bank, the policy of arrests against the people of the Gaza Strip did not stop during the years that followed the withdrawal of the occupation from the Strip in 2005.”


He pointed out that the occupation used the Beit Hanoun “Erez” checkpoint as a trap to trap the residents of the Strip, blackmail them, exploit their humanitarian needs and their compulsive need to travel, and bargain with them to work with him and provide information in exchange for allowing them to travel, especially patients and merchants.


He pointed out that the number of arrests at the checkpoint reached 6 last year.


He stated that the occupation forces continued to target fishermen off the coast of the Gaza Strip, noting that 9 cases of arrest were recorded in their ranks due to the daily pursuit of them and the confiscation and destruction of their nets and boats.


The report monitored 59 cases of arrests while trying to cross the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip. Most of them were released and returned to the Strip after interrogation for hours or days.


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