Massive Israeli violations against journalists in 2021

 An annual report of the Journalists Support Committee documented 823 violations of press freedom by the occupation, after its severity increased in May of this year, during the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the attack on journalists in the West Bank and Jerusalem during Their coverage of peaceful activities and marches against settlements and the apartheid wall, and the settlers' attacks on Palestinians in general, and the confiscation of Jerusalemites' homes in occupied Jerusalem.


In its report, the committee confirmed that there has been a noticeable escalation in the occupation’s attacks on press freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territories, noting that it was committed deliberately and by using excessive force without regard to the principles of discrimination and proportionality, violating all international, human rights and human rights covenants that guarantee freedom of journalistic work.


The report shows 101 violations in the Gaza Strip during the last aggression, while Palestinian parties in the West Bank and Gaza committed (210) violations, distributed by (9) cases in Gaza and (201) in the West Bank.


The committee's report showed the excessive targeting of Palestinian journalists by the Israeli occupation forces, and their intentional killing and targeting of them by firing missiles at the homes of journalists while they were safe in their homes or institutions, and destroying them.


It also documented the deliberate firing of live and rubber-coated metal bullets and poison gas canisters towards them, in the continuation of its crime to keep journalists and the media away from the scene of its crime against citizens in the occupied Palestinian territories, despite the journalists wearing their clothes with a sign indicating that they are practicing their profession, using the method of arrest and detention. The imposition of fines for a number of them, the deportation of some of them, and the forcing of others to house arrest, according to conditions that restrict their freedom of movement, work, opinion and expression, threats, prevention from coverage, work or travel, confiscation of cards, identities, equipment and other methods of torture against journalists to curb their work and obstruct the publication of what the occupation is committing against citizens.


And she noted in her report that the Israeli government practices violations against journalists in violation of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with regard to freedom of the press, explaining that the occupation government that signed these agreements did not abide by them, and on a daily basis violates freedoms and hunts journalists in violation of the treaties it signed And the agreements, which require the criminalization and condemnation of the Israeli occupation against the background of war crimes, and filing criminal complaints at the International Criminal Court against the occupation responsible for those crimes, and also requires the formation of a fact-finding committee from the European Parliament to document the crimes of the occupation against journalists, and work to protect them to practice their work and compensate them for damages that affect them both physically and materially.


The committee monitored the violations of the Israeli occupation, during this report, one case of martyrdom in the Gaza Strip, committed by the occupation against journalist Youssef Abu Hussein, 33 years old, as a result of the destruction of his house while he was inside it in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood north of Gaza City.


The report also recorded, during the annual report, (260) cases of assault and injury, distributed in the injury of 13 journalists in the Gaza Strip, as a result of many of them being subjected to fractures, wounds, burns, and many injuries as a result of direct bombing, or during the destruction of their homes, or during their injury from shrapnel from the occupation’s missiles. They practice their work and play their role in covering the brutal aggression against the homes of innocent civilians, agricultural lands, government, humanitarian and relief headquarters, or during the destruction of their media institutions.


The committee pointed out 247 cases of violations in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, in which the occupation and its settlers used all their attacks on journalists, targeting them by firing live bullets and rubber, sound bombs and poison gas, beating them severely, and shooting fierce dogs at them, in addition to dragging a number of them, including female journalists, and spraying dozens of journalists. waste water, to prevent them from covering.


The report showed that more than (116) male and female journalists were arrested, summoned, detained, housed, deported from Jerusalem or entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


While it documented (52) violations, they varied between extending the detention of journalists more than once prior to the date of their release, confirming sentences against journalists, issuing sentences against others, and postponing the trial of some of them who are still in occupation prisons.


The report monitored (207) cases of journalists being prevented from practicing their work and covering events on the ground. The occupation also prevented the Palestine TV office and crew from working in the occupied city of Jerusalem for the fourth time in a row, and incited the dismissal of a journalist from his work, in an attempt by the occupation to obliterate what he was committing Crimes against citizens, in addition to documenting (5) cases of travel ban, the most famous of which was the ban of journalist Majdoleen Hassouna from traveling, and the ban of journalist Alaa Al-Rimawi and Asim Al-Shannar, and (8) cases of incitement and accusation.


The occupation did not stop at this huge amount of violations, but went on to destroy, destroy and close more than (62) media institutions in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the destruction of the occupation aircraft in the Gaza Strip during the last aggression, more than 59 media institutions, media and artistic production companies, printing presses and publishing houses. Between total and partial destruction, the closure of the Palestine TV office for the fourth time in a row in Jerusalem and the occupied interior, and the destruction of research and advertising institutions in the occupied West Bank.


In addition to the raids and smashing launched by the occupation on the homes of journalists, printing presses and other media and advertising institutions, the report recorded (65) cases in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, including 23 journalists’ homes and 5 vehicles damaged during the aggression on the Gaza Strip in whole or in part, as well as the confiscation of devices And press equipment and materials for journalists' homes and media institutions, and press cards in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, which amounted to (26).


The report focused on the violations and harassment that journalists are subjected to in the occupation prisons, which amounted to (30) violations, represented in assault, torture and cruel treatment, preventing them from visiting their lawyer and family, and submitting an indictment for their continued detention, refusal to release them, confirmation, and medical negligence in their treatment. imposing exorbitant fines and depriving them of their legitimate rights.


Regarding the internal Palestinian violations, the annual report for the year 2021 recorded nearly (210) violations, distributed in monitoring (201) violations in the occupied West Bank, and (9) in the Gaza Strip.



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