Gaza Health: The occupation continues its policies by depriving patients of their medical rights

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said today, Wednesday, that the Israeli occupation continues to practice its policy against patients by depriving them of their treatment rights, by preventing the entry of diagnostic devices.


The ministry said during a meeting held with representatives of human rights organizations, “At a time when the world is on alert to confront the new mutation of the Corona virus, the occupation is committing this full-fledged crime by impeding the entry of a number of diagnostic and medical devices that help enhance the readiness of the health system in the Gaza Strip.” Gaza, which is witnessing the entry of the fourth wave with the Omicron mutator.


During the meeting, the Ministry indicated that in Al-Shifa Medical Complex there are 8 mobile x-ray machines, 4 of which are malfunctioning, and in Nasser Complex 3 out of 5 x-ray machines, and in Gaza European Hospital 3 broken x-ray machines, in addition to the failure of CT and MRI diagnostic x-ray machines, which are Important devices for diagnosing cancer and stroke patients.


She pointed out that the occupation refuses to bring in spare parts to complete maintenance and to take its natural role in providing service to patients.


The meeting dealt with the suffering incurred by patients with renal failure due to the deterioration of dialysis devices and the urgent need to introduce new devices that meet the urgent needs of these patients to ensure that they receive hemodialysis sessions and to spare them from difficult and dangerous complications. The occupation also prevents the introduction of an oxygen generator, which is one of the important devices for Covid patients In intensive care.


The Ministry of Health in Gaza indicated that it is in constant and continuous contact with all international health and humanitarian institutions, led by the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross, and they were provided with all the reports that prove that the occupation deliberately introduces these devices and spare parts, calling on human rights organizations defending patients’ rights to redouble their efforts. And the voices pressuring the occupier to remove his hand from these important devices and introduce them as soon as possible.


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