Netanyahu defends himself, opposition calls for resignation

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday tried to defend himself after a recommendation by the Israeli police to indict him on charges of bribery, fraud and betrayal of confidence in file 4000 concerning Bezek and the Hebrew site.

Netanyahu said in a press statement after the police recommendation that the recommendations and when they were published did not surprise anyone in Israel. Claiming that those recommendations had been leaked before the investigations began.

Those recommendations did not have any judicial status.

As soon as the recommendations were published, the Israeli opposition called on Netanyahu to resign from the prime minister and all the ministries that were still in his hands, such as the Army and the Foreign Ministry.

The opposition leader, Tzipi Livni, called on Netanyahu to resign before resorting to what she said was "destroying law enforcement to save himself."

"The people of Israel deserve a fair leadership," she added. Calling for early and speedy elections to save Israel.

Avi Gbai, Labor Party leader, said Netanyahu has become a burden on the state of Israel and the solution lies in his resignation due to the large number of corruption cases that are becoming stuck.

According to Tamara Zandberg, leader of the Meretz party, Netanyahu cannot continue his post after becoming the most serious crime in the Israeli law register related to him.

According to Yoel Hassoun, head of the Zionist Camp bloc in the Knesset, Netanyahu's time has passed and he has to put the keys on the table and to clear his court. He stressed the need to dissolve the Knesset and the government and to go to the elections.


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