Christians according to the Western calendar begin their glorious Christmas celebrations

Our Christian people, who follow the Western calendar, celebrate today, Friday, the glorious Christmas.

The various streets, neighborhoods and alleys of the city of Bethlehem, especially Manger Square, were decorated with the usual decorations, adding to it an atmosphere of joy and joy, which will be for the second year in a row amid the siege of the “Corona” pandemic and according to adherence to the health protocol, where the celebrants will be absent from all over the world, and participation will be limited to children The Palestinian people from all the governorates of the West Bank, and from the 48 lands, who came in large numbers on the night of the lighting of the Christmas tree.

As usual, the Nativity Square will be the incubator for the climax of the celebrations, with the entry of the scouts' teams and the arrival of the procession of Patriarch Pier Battista Pizzaballa at noon.

Birthdays will bring joy and happiness

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Rola Maayah, confirmed that despite the “Corona” pandemic, Christmas will bring joy and joy, as hope and optimism are armed by the Palestinian people to revive their religious and national occasions because this is a national entitlement par excellence, and based on the directives of the Palestinian government, but according to adherence to the protocol healthy.

For his part, the Mayor of Bethlehem Anton Salman said, “Another Christmas is upon us, and humanity is suffering from the spread of the Corona pandemic, and despite that, we decided to rise above all difficulties, arm ourselves with the values ​​of Christmas and overcome hope over pain, to celebrate the holiday with great joy, and to celebrate Christmas with its joy, joy and sublime meanings.”

Salman added, “Bethlehem and history witnessed that it faced difficulties, but it withstood and overcame it by the will of its people and residents, and this day and the atmosphere that accompanies it for the feast is only clear evidence. Homeland from the Gaza Strip to reach the city of Bethlehem.

Only 468 Christians from the Gaza Strip will participate in the celebrations

The Director-General of the Supreme Presidential Committee for the Follow-up of Church Affairs, Amira Hanania Lofa, said that 468 Christians from the Gaza Strip will be allowed to enter Bethlehem to participate, through special permits from the occupation, and therefore they will be able to attend the launch of the Christmas convoy scheduled in the Ram and Al-Bireh governorate. Tomorrow, Saturday, after they were denied participation in its launch in Bethlehem.

Securing celebrations and entering processions

The Director of Public Relations and Media in the Bethlehem Governorate Police, Lieutenant-Colonel Musab Asleimeh, indicated to "Wafa" that according to the security plan that was prepared according to the directives of the Director General of the Palestinian Police Major General Youssef Al-Helou, since the morning, large numbers of police personnel have been deployed in locations, places and roads. At the site of the celebrations and close to them, according to what was stated in the plan.

He added, that the police force consists of 550 members, a comprehensive number, reinforced by the guards unit in Ramallah, in addition to the national security and security services participating in the insurance process.

Extensive participation of scout teams

The leader of the Terra Sancta Scouts group, the group organizing Christmas celebrations according to the Western calendar, George Kanawati, said: The scout groups that will participate will exceed 25 teams and include (3500) vanguards, are:Terra Santa Scouts, Sixth Salesian Scouts and Guides, Scouts of the Syriac Club - Bethlehem, Scouts of the Vanguard Orthodox, Guides of the Sisters of Joseph, Scouts and Guides of Dallas, Scouts of the Arab Orthodox Club, Scouts of the Latin Monastery of Beit Sahour, Scouts of Shepherds Beit Sahour, Scouts of the Papacy and the Petjal Orthodox Scouts, Arab Betjalian, Talitha Qumi Scouts and Guides, Palestinian Pioneer Scouts and Guides Organization, Arab Catholic Scouts of Jerusalem, Roman Catholic Scouts in Jerusalem, Scouts of the Arab Orthodox Union Club Jerusalem, Scouts of the Salt of the Earth, Scouts of the Palestinian Holy Family, Taybeh Youth Union and National Guides Group, and Birzeit Orthodox Scouts The Scouts of Jaffna, the Palestinian Village Club, the Scouts of the Latin Monastery - Aboud, the First Zababdeh Scouts, the Ramallah Orthodox Scouts, and the Hometmen Armenian Scouts.

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